You Can Keep Your Money Uncle Sam

Last updated: December 23, 2017 at 15:41 pm

united states photoThe United States is popularly referred to as “Uncle Sam,” although the background to this nickname is still a bit sketchy to me. If you can shed on light on the story behind this name, please leave a comment.

In the year 1776, the United States of America drafted a Declaration of Independence against its colonizer, the United Kingdom. This was near to the end of the Revolutionary War which cost the lives of millions of men and women in both the United States and Europe, and set brother against brother, friend against friend.

The United States won the revolutionary war, and you can read more about the Declaration of Independence here (coming soon).

But the bitter feud does not stop there. The monster has reared its ugly head once more. With the proud and arrogant Donald Trump now elected as US President, a lot of controversial moves are taking place.

In December, 2017, Donald Trump used his power as President of the United States to declare the Holy City, Jerusalem, as the capital of Israel. This is a controversial undertaking since Palestine lays a strong claim to the Holy City.

There was widespread celebrations among Christian and Jewish groups. But this celebration was shortlived, as, just a few days later, the United Nations, backed by a host of Muslim Countries, drafted a resolution that made Trump’s declaration “null and void.”

128 countries voted in favor of the UN resolution, while just 9 voted against it.

Donald Trump said that he would be watching those who voted against the US’ decision, and threatened to cut financial and other aid that the US presently sends to these nations.

Nevertheless, most countries who were the heaviest recipients of United States aid voted in favor of the UN Resolution, and against Donald Trump, as if to say, “you can keep your money, Uncle Sam.”

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