Is Brazil Ready for an All-Out War Against Russia?

On the 10th of December, 2018, NBC news reported that Russia sent two nuclear bombers to Venezuela after a visit to Russia by Maduro. With the humanitarian crisis deepening in Venezuela, and Venezuelans fleeing and dying of starvation, what could possibly be the purpose of two nuclear bombers?

As one of my Facebook friends commented “that’s for Guyana…why else would they send it?”

Some time ago, Brazil announced it’s position on the Guyana/Venezuela border dispute, declaring that it will not allow Venezuelan aggression on Guyana’s shores. That was Michel Timer. The new President, Bolsonaro has not issued a statement on the matter as yet.

But even if Brazil is still willing to defend Guyana against Venezuelan aggression, the question still remains: Is Brazil willing to enter into an all-out war with the world’s second most powerful military? If it does, at what expense of money and human lives will that be done? And for what possible gain? More than likely, Brazil will NOT go to war with Russia for Guyana.

But what about the United States? The United States of America has already expressed its stance on the border controversy, stating that it is on Guyana’s side.

But with so much trouble already on Washington’s hands, is it really ready to get into another costly war with Russia? And can the United States really beat Russia in a military conflict?

While the United States’ military is generally stronger than that of Russia, it still has a lot to fear. First of all, Russia boasts more nuclear warheads than the United States. Russia has 4 times more total artillery, 5 times more self-propelled artillery and 4 times more rocket artillery than the United States.

While the United States has over 6000 tanks, Russia has over 20,000.

On the other hand, the United States far overpowers Russia in air power, but even so, is the United States willing to enter a potentially devastating war against nuclear Russia? Hardly.

While most of Guyana are excited about their imaginary “first oil” in 2020, Caracas hasn’t withdrawn its stance that the Essequibo belongs to Guyana. Remember, Venezuela has nothing to lose, and now, with Russia on it’s side, they are capable of just about anything.

If you doubt Russia’s capability of backing Venezeula against Guyana, do some research on what the Russians did to their own brothers and sisters in Ukraine, and you’ll deduce that they will have no reservations about launching an attack against Guyana.

When you consider that it would only take one nuclear bomb to wipe Georgetown completely off the map, and with the threat of Russian and Venezuelan air power looming over Guyana’s head like the sword of Damocles, you can be sure that if Venezuela commands Guyana to halt oil production, it will.

Or how about if it continues to pump the oil and Venezela drops the bomb? Then EXXON can take whatever is left of the oil without paying any Royalties.

Or could this be a secret ploy between the United States and Russia so that the United States can add “Military Services” to the already exorbitant oil contract?