Nicolas Maduro – A Name Hard to Spell

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When writing articles on Guyana, Venezuela and Our World, I sometimes have to make mention of the President of Venezuela. His name by the way is “Nicolas Maduro.”

But that name always gives me a hard time to remember how to spell. Sometimes I misspell it like “Muduru, Modora,” etc. And sometimes I misspell Nicolas with Nicholas, etc.

Listen, it’s a name I always have to Google when I’m proofreading my articles, and it’s starting to become a pain in the ass. So I’ll just make things simple, I’ll just say “Mad Ass” for short when I’m referring to the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Why? It’s because, while Maduro’s name is hard to remember correctly, two syllables stand out: from first name: NicolAS, and from last name, “MADuro.”

So instead of hurting my head everytime, I just make it short and say “MAD ASS” or the mad ass president of Venezuela.

Indeed, with so many of his citizens dying of hunger, he is indeed classified as a Mad Ass.

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