Was the Moon Landing Staged?

Last updated: November 2, 2017 at 0:04 am

moon  photoShakespear’s famous quote is repeated by people all over the earth: all the world’s a stage. Note that I didn’t say “all over the globe,” because whether the earth is a really a globe is a topic of hot debate.

Shakespear was a great playwright and created many acclaimed stage plays that raked in an awful lot of money. Back in those days, there weren’t televisions, so stageplays were the going form of entertainment. Nevertheless, today, many of Shakespare’s plays have been adopted into film.

So shakespear said “all the world’s a stage,” but he didn’t say “all the moon’s a stage,” or “all the universe a stage.” I think what he meant by “world” was “earth.”

But Shakespear never met NASA, who might have even turned the moon into a stage! Or is it that NASA just writes more dramatic and mystying stageplays than Shakespear, many of which have been adopted in to film!!

The great Irish singer, in his hit song, “the spirit of man,” sings “remember the first time of man on the moon…the whole world was watching, the whole world in tune, it was hard to believe it was the same, as you and me.”

So Chris de Burgh found it “hard” to believe that the man went to the moon.And so did many other people! But under scrutiny, many people are finding much harder to believe that!

IN fact, today, millions of people believe that the moon landing was faked!

I will discuss why I suspect that the moon landing was fake here. But for now, let me just mention the vacuum effect. NASA claims that the moon is a vacuum with little to no atmosphere. OK, good! If you say. But what does a vacuum do? It sucks everything into it.

NASA’s videos showed the astronauts bouncing up and down on the moon. But what crated this buoyancy if there was no atmosphere!

It seems to me like NASA got their physics a tidbit wrong when the wrote the Moon Landing Stage Play, and now they can’t rewind and fix it!!

Here’s my point. On the moon, the astronauts would have extreme difficulty moving or lifting their feet, since there was no air to produce buoyancy!

No tell me if you agree with me, or tell me how much of an idiot in physics you think I am!

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