Two Young Women Stabbed in Gang Execution in Brazil – October 2018

Last updated: November 22, 2018 at 20:17 pm

More and more people are waking up to the reality that the world is a cruel and troubled place. Of course, that is nothing new. It is something we were taught as children. It is something we grew up with and learned to live through. Yet, we manage to smile, make friends and live a happy life – sometimes.

The truth: evil walks in the midst of us.

A few mornings ago, as I woke up, I picked up my cell phone to read my messages on email, Whatsapp and Facebook. But I was disturbed at what popped up on my Facebook timeline. It was a link to a video entitled “Two Brazil Gang Bitches Stabbed.”

The video was hosted on a website called “” I click the link and was horrified at what I saw. Yes, the world has evolved through wars, invasions and genocides, but there are some crimes so cold and brutal by nature that they disturb the very soul.

And this video depicted one such crime. The video depicted two or three young men dragging two young women to a secluded location. One of them was wielding a knife and shouting “tem que respeite a bossetta ne?” which is Portuguese for “we have to respect the pussy right!” The criminal was rubbing salt into the wound by insulting the young women through a sarcastic remark before and during murdering them. He kept shouting, “tem que respeite a bossetta ne?” (we have to respect the pussy, right) as he started stabbing the first young woman on the face and neck. He cut her so many times she was nearly decapitated.

Then he went on to the second young woman. He shouted and did the same thing. Before he started stabbing the second young woman, she said relentingly, “nao precisa faca,” which is Portuguese for “you don’t need to stab (me).”

The first girl didn’t put up much resistance at all, and there was some speculation that one or both of the girls were dead before the act was carried out. However, it was clear to see that the girls were very much alive from the video. There were movements, contortions and gasping.

Because the girls didn’t scream and fight for their lives, some idiots speculated that they had been drugged out. This is possible. But it is also possible that the girls knew that resistance was futile and that they were going to be killed regardless, and so they remained calm and let what had to happen, happen.

This whole incident depicted on video and peddled through social media really left me cold for the entire day. But I found comfort in entrusting the whole thing into the hands of a Mighty God – He is the one who understands, compensates and vindicates.

Nevertheless, tonight, as I my mind recalled this video, I decided to do a little search on Google to see if anything came to light about these brutal murders. I wondered if such incidents were common in Brazil, and if these killings would never be investigated.

I discovered that the site that hosted the video,, deleted it. I ran some more searches and discovered a story about the incident on a website called

What sickened me even more was some of the comments at the bottom of the story, left by real people. Some of them were saying that they enjoyed the video. And it slightly shifted my perspective for a moment from “what a beautiful world this is” to “what a sick world we live in.”

Thankfully, I also found a link to a reputable Brazilian news site which confirmed that the murderers were caught by Brazilian police and jailed. It turned out that one of the assailants were murdered by the other two in a sudden escalation of betrayal and murder. It served him right, so there were three bodies discovered.

Needless to say, both the cameraman and the murderer were sent to jail where they will most likely have their asses pulverized through buggery and hopefully die soon after. Then they will realize that it is indeed true that they needed to “respect the pussy,” and if they had respected the pussy that that would not have happened to them. Indeed, it is good to respect all living things, and only kill when necessary.

The world is full of evil people. Many of them walk among us and smile as though they are normal – both men and women – but they are the embodiment of the devil. These people, like the three young men in this video, will meet their judgement.

It is important not to forget that the world can be evil just as it is beautiful. It is important to remember that it was humans who crucified Jesus on the Cross of Calvary – a cruel and painful death to save us from this present evil world. And it is important that we thank Jesus Christ for coming to save us from the evils of the devil.

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