Is United States President, Donald Trump, a God?

Last updated: June 30, 2018 at 2:18 am

worship photoI recently saw a video on Facebook, and I can’t really make up my mind if this video is funny, sad, outrageous or a combination of the three. But what I can assure you though, is that this video is definitely not “cool.”

OK, the video may be a cool video, but the story it is telling is definitely not cool. A man in the country of India actually worships Donald Trump as “his god.”

After looking at this video, a few things struck me, and I’ll tell you my thoughts in a few seconds. But before I go on, let me give you the link to the video. You can see the video here.

The video tells the story of an East Indian man who literally worships United States President Donald Trump as a god. He has a framed photograph of the president which he puts in his little “mandir” and performs “pujas” to Donald Trump.

One viewer commented, “this is sad on so many levels, it’s not even funny.” And I totally agree with that comment. This is really sad on so many levels it’s not funny.

We in the Western World know that Donald Trump is not God. He is the furthest thing from God in the sense that he is frail, fallible, mortal man.

But I guess we now know how Hinduism might have started. Someone picks up an object, carves an idol, selects an animal…etc and says, “this is my god! I’ll worship it!” And I guess he or she would then force it unto his family and offsprings and it would become a tradition passed down for generations. It is no wonder then that Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion. Of course, now we have a clearer “analogy” of how it all might have begun.

Did you know that in India almost every animal, even snakes, are worshipped as god? It is no wonder that that country is in the terrible state that it is in now.

But why exactly is it so sad for this man who is worshiping Donald Trump as god? Firstly, he is doing something ungodly, and he will definitely not get any blessings from the real God for this…in my humble opinion that is. Secondly, by committing such an ungodly act, he is further distancing himself from the true God. And thirdly, because, inspite of Mr. Trump’s great financial gains, he is nothing close to an almighty God.

But as I was watching the video, something else struck me. The man claimed that he was going to build a temple for Donald Trump in about six months. In the video, it was obvious that this man is physically strong and capable, and that he is not utterly poor.

But if he can really summon the physical strength and financial resources to build a temple for Mr. Trump, why can’t he build a house for a homeless family, which would be so much sweeter and bring down a shower of blessings from the real God?

The answer is simple. The man will do what is necessary to get the temple built because he “thinks” it is for the holy cause of his god. How many people throughout history were not able to perform incredible feats because they thought that God was behind it? Yes, there are times when God really is behind the project and blesses it and makes it come to pass. At other times, people, because they “think” their god or gods want them to do it, summon the physical and mental power as well as the financial resources to get the task down.

It then struck me that nothing is really that difficult to do in life: it’s just what we make a priority.

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