Prefabricated Houses From China

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Model PFH 001: One-Storey Prefabricated House From China (See Below For More Pictures)

Contact Information

If you would like your dream house imported from China, contact Mr Frank Lin today:

In Hong Kong: 1001 Fourseas Bldg, 208-212 Nathan Rd Kowloon, Hong Kong, China.

Telephone (China): (86) 15101029188

In Guyana: 262 New Garden St., Queenstown, Georgetown, Guyana.

Telephone (Guyana): (592) 226-2364 or Mobile: (592) 616-0806

Emails: (We recommend you copy your messages to all four email addresses below to avoid possible email bounces)

MSN: franqlink

QQ: 327206868

Get Your Prefabricated House Today!

In Guyana, we’ve been reared to build our houses from the “ground up”, and we never imagined it could fall from the sky. It seems the Chinese have done the impossible once more.

The Chinese have proven that they can really lift heavy weight. That’s right: The Chinese will lift your home from China, and plant it into your homeland.

When Jesus said “with faith you can say to the mountain, be removed, and it will” He wasn’t joking. And the Chinese are proving that their faith is really strong: moving one, two and three-storey houses from one continent to the next with charming dexterity and an an almost effortless transition.

Prefabricated Houses

prefab featuesPrefabricated houses which rival or surpass the looks and quality of anything built on the spot: these houses “Made In China” and moved across the seas all the way to foreign countries will blow you away.  And no! The strength of these buildings will ensure that they are not easily blown away by even the fiercest thunderstorm. On top of it all, the cost will put a smile on your face: you can have quality, comfort and style for a fraction of the price. My friend, Mr. Frank, showed me these pictures of prefabricated houses that his company has installed in many countries including the United States, Canada, Panama and Brazil. And he is ready to do it for you!

Materials That Will Last A Lifetime

The noncorroding, non-decaying materials with which these prefabricated houses from China are constructed ensure that they will last a lifetime.

Perfectly Safe, Environmentally Friendly Material

Your prefabricated house from China will make use of materials that are 100% environmentally friendly. They contain no asbestos or formaldehyde content. They pose no health or environmental risks whatever.

Not only are the materials absolutely safe to your health and environment, we have scientific data to back up this fact. Our company has gone to great lengths to ensure that our materials are absolutely safe to your health and environment.

All materials are environmentally-friendly, which exhibit zero chemical release during manufacturing, installation, usage or disposal. Totally no asbestos. According to Standards Limits of Radionuclide in Building Materials GB6566—2001, the test shows that our materials meet Type-A requirements of national codes. It is approved for use with zero restrictions.

Hurricane Resistant

These houses are solidly built and reinforced with steel. They can resist the fiercest storms. Yes. And much more than traditional buildings. The buildings are set on firm foundations, reinforced with steel and can resist the fiercest storms.

Fire Resistant Material

Fire ResistantYour prefabricated house from China will be constructed with material that is resistant to fire and burning: far more resistant than traditional concrete structures. This makes it extremely difficult–if not downright impossible–to lose your home from fire!

Your house will be constructed with A-Level Fireproof materials that resist fire and burning – much more than traditional buildings. Your walls will be able to resist up to 1000 degrees Celsius for four hours without cracking, falling off, chapping or releasing toxic gas.

Earthquake Resistant

Your prefabricated house from China will be beautiful but tough. It will be constructed with powerful “anti-seismic” features. The durable structure will ensure the safety of your house during tremors produced by underground activities. Prefabricated Houses From China are solidly constructed and set on firm foundations. They can withstand high underground seismic activity and keep your possessions safe. Your house will possess very high anti-seismic features.

Intelligent Design

Your prefabricated house from China will be constructed with your “all year comfort” in mind. The roof is constructed in a manner to resist heat from penetrating to the interior during summer. During winter, warmth is preserved. The energy conservation from this design can be measured as high as 80%!

Sound Insulation

Your roof is constructed in a way as to minimize the noise of rain reaching you during rainy season. If you live in an area with the sounds of cars, airplanes and other motors, the effect of these noises will be very much reduced inside your home.

More Examples, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Testimonials Coming Soon!

FAQ: How Long Does It Take?

One of the questions we are often asked by prospective buyers is “how long after I place an order does it take for my house to become ready for me to move into? We’re happy to answer this question for you.

When you place an order, it takes approximately 45 days for getting everything in place. After that, it takes another 45 days on average to ship all products to your construction site. Even before the materials are shipped, we start construction on the foundation of the building. This way, by the time the materials reach the construction site, it only takes 10 days to assemble and be ready for use. So, to sum it up:

45 days – Handling

45 days – Shipping

10 days – Assembly.

That’s right, you could be moving in to your dream home in just 100 days from today!

Who Will Be Employed In The Construction And Installation Of These Houses?

Usually, only two Chinese Supervision Workers are sent to your country. We employ local contractors and construction workers from your country to complete the construction and installation of the houses on the spot.

Financing Available!

Don’t have all the money right now? No problem! Our company will work with you and local banks in your area to procure financing for your Prefabricated House From China.

Custom Designs

If you would like a design that you don’t see in the pictures below, don’t panic! There’s a great chance we can build your custom design. Just talk to us. Show us some examples, styles and illustrations of what you would like to get done and we’ll meet and exceed your expectations. Prefabricated Houses Designs are limited only to the imagination!


(Please contact Mr. Frank Lin using the contact info above for more information on cost and other details).


Model PFH 001


Model PFH002

Model XY

Model PFH 003 – (With Traditional Architect)

Model YA

Model PFH 004 – (With Traditional Architect)


Model PFH 005 – (With Traditional Architect) This house is designed for South American families having a plot of 1/4 acre. It has following features:  Read More…


Model PFH 006 – (With Traditional Architect)

Model XYZ

Model PFH 007 – (With Traditional Architect)

Model: KKK

Model PFH 008 – (With Traditional Architect)

Model PFH 010

Model PFH 010 – A multi-storey apartment building.

Model PFH 011 - A Prefabricated Hotel

Model PFH 011 – A Prefabricated Hotel

Model PFH 015

Model PFH 015

Model PFH 016

Model PFH 016

Some inside shots of one of our Prefabricated Houses.

Some inside shots of one of our Prefabricated Houses.

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Can you please send me prices for: FHR 001 and FHR 008;how many bedrooms?


If I give you the surface area, lengt + width. Could you design a building/house for me?

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Hi, I want to know if I can give my own model and ask for the you have other models?


I forget to tell you Iam from Suriname South America


Hi, can you give me the price om model PFH001 and 008, and also want to know how many bedrooms. Maybe you can give me te price of 2 and 3 bedrooms