The Truce

During the Israeli/Gaza war in July/August 2014, the United Nations, Egypt and some other nations came together to “broker a truce”.

What is a truce? A truce in this case is a temporary cease-fire, where both sides say to themselves and each other “OK, we are not going to kill any more babies for the next twenty four hours or so; but after that we will start killing them again.”

The truce was sought so that humanitarian aid could access the Gaza war-tone zone, which was quickly ripped upside down by Israeli military forces.

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The truce is something like this…. It is where Israel says “OK guys, we’ll stop shooting and bombing you for the next twenty four hours or so while the peacekeepers run in with their food, water, doctors and medicine. So eat good, and enjoy yourselves for the next twenty four hours. Make sure the doctors treat your wounds very good and take good antibiotics and pain killers and so…because after this twenty-four hours’¬†reprieve, we’ll start firing hard at you again.”

Now isn’t that a bargain to die for? But wait! It gets more ridiculous¬†than that! After the first twelve-hour truce, brokered by the United Nations, to bring in food, water, medicine and rescue operations for the civilians wounded and shattered in Palestine, Hamas declared that they are anxious to start fighting again! The headlines read “Hamas rejects any extension to a twelve hour truce”.

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It seemed like Hamas can’t bear it when the Palestinians get food and medicine. They are anxious to see more destruction to the civilians of Palestine, so they start firing rockets into Israel again.

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