Pistorius Shouted “Get the Fuck Out of My House!”

Last updated: December 7, 2018 at 5:11 am

crime photoLet’s put things into perspective here. You wake up in the middle of the night to noises coming from downstairs. Alarmed, you get up and grab your gun. But you didn’t notice that your girlfriend is no longer in the bed beside you. You don’t ask her if she’s OK. You don’t even take a glance next to you to notice she isn’t there!

Crazy, isn’t it? That’s why Oscar Pistorius told the court.

Then, he goes downstairs, shouting “Get the fuck out of my house!” before firing shots into the bathroom and killing Reeva Steenkamp.

My question is, why would you shout “get the fuck out of my house!” to someone you haven’t seen? You’re essentially shouting that to noises. You have to be a mentally unstable person and a threat to society in general.

If you’re confronting a possible intruder whom you haven’t yet seen, you’re more likely to utter words like “hello” or “who’s there.” Then, if you hear a response, you may shout, “get of my fucking house!”

But Oscar Pistorius didn’t hear a human voice before shouting those words. If he had, it would have been the voice of his girlfriend, Reeva.

So you shout “get out of my fucking house!” to someone you haven’t seen or heard? It could have been a rat or the wind! It could have been something falling down. Then you start firing shots to this person whom you have never seen or heard. And you fire consistently until they are dead!

The story has guilty of murder written all over it.

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