Korean Nukes

Last updated: May 31, 2018 at 23:39 pm

By Robby Scott Hill

nuclear photo

April 27, 2018: So, can I go see all the Korean nukes at the Y-12 facility in Knoxville?

I’m sort of sad for Koreans now because the United States convinced Ukraine to send all of its nukes to Y-12 & then, Russia invaded & we sat by and watched after promising to defend Ukraine in return for its nukes.

The Cherokee Nation was also promised security by the United States after it defeated the Creeks & their British Allies at Horseshoe Bend in the War of 1812. What they got was a death march to Oklahoma after Stonewall Jackson gave them blankets infected with Smallpox.

If I were the two Koreas, I would not believe jack shit from the United States Government & hang on to my nuclear weapons.

They don’t tell you this in school, but North Vietnam did eventually lose the war in Vietnam after the US withdrawal. A worthier opponent, China, invaded & defeated the NVA. That’s when the war in Vietnam ended & that wasn’t our nation’s first experience with hundreds of unreturned POWs & MIAs.

The US Marines won’t admit it, but the Corps surrendered in mass numbers to the Red Army during the Russian Civil War & many Marines died in Soviet Gulags & labor camps. This is the unofficial, but true history of US militarism.

War Is Over – If you want it.

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