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Last updated: December 23, 2017 at 17:39 pm

television photoIn a separate article, I wrote that Barrack Obama is, and will go down in history as, one of America’s greatest presidents.

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Sometime early in the year 2015, President Obama came on air to address the Nation. He spoke about the progress the country had made since he took office in 2008, and what he planned to do to make it even better.

After him came the Republic with her rebuttal of President Obama’s presentation. I must admit that I was impressed when the woman appeared on television. She was the reflection of beauty, style and class. But I was even more awestruck when she started to speak. Her language was amazingly expressive, her pronunciation flawless, and her enunciation of English words remarkable.

I couldn’t decide which I loved more: what she said or the way her lips moved when she spoke.

“When we were growing up”, she said “we didn’t have much, but all we really needed was our two hands, big dreams, and some really really hard work…. And because of this hard work and the sacrifices made by our parents, we were given some really great opportunities in life…. You know, when we were kids, and when it was raining, my mom used to slip those little bread bags over our shoes, so it wouldn’t get dirty; and I wouldn’t feel embarrassed, because as I entered the school bus, there were so many other kids with the same bread bags to protect their little shoes…. In Iowa, where I grew up, we learned the importance of hard work and sacrifice; but today, more and more Americans are working and not seeing much in return….”

The quote above is taken from my memory and may not match the speech word for word. I didn’t take a copy of the recording or wrote anything down, but the essence of her speech was this: President Obama was wasting too much: too much of hard earned American wealth without having much to show for it. Of course, this is the backbone of most Republicans’ contentions. Whether such contention holds water or not, I will not debate, but I think this speech, by this particular Republican, as beautiful as it was, missed the most important point: God, without whom no amount of work or sacrifice will get us anywhere.

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