Perpetual Motion Finally Invented

This page was first created on the 27th of January, 2016 and last updated on the 27th of January, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

Perpetual Motion Finally Invented

Perpetual Motion Finally Invented

For centuries, humans have struggled with the idea of perpetual motion and perpetual motion machines. Such a machine or machines could be used to power the world for free. For centuries, scientists have failed to invent perpetual motion to the point where some of them dubbed it “impossible”.

Today, while browsing on Facebook, I saw a perpetual motion machine at work right in front of my eyes. Indeed, this was a model of a true perpetual motion machine. But it it was being advertised as a children’s toy. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It used magnetic fields to generate perpetual motion and evidently, the creators of the products had no idea what they had really created.

Watch the video below to see for yourself:

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