What a Load of Crap

Last updated: May 17, 2018 at 23:35 pm

fast food photoTurns out that some people have a heart of gold, while others are just beautifully packaged pieces of crap. The word “crap” is really a polished way of saying “sh*t” in the English Language.

We’ve all heart that “sh*t happens” or that “the world is full of sh*t.” Well, you’re about to read about a good example.

Nowadays, you can walk into a hospital half dying, and instead of being attended to, someone comes to take your bio-data. You gasp, “I can’t breathe,” and you’re told, “we have to go through the standard procedures.” Sometimes you’re told “just sit there and wait on the doctor.” Was that supposed to a nurse? It’s because many people are just feces in human form.

But you would be ashamed to think that something like this would happen in a country like Canada: a country that was supposedly founded in Christian principles and one that is considered the most civilized in the world.

OK. So this is just my opinion, and other people might have a different opinion. In other words, they might have their own “crap to say,” which would only prove that they are beautifully (or not so beautifully) packages of sh*t walking around.

A woman apparently walked into a Tim Horton’s restaurant or fast food service or whatever they call it and asked to use the washroom. The person at the counter told her that she can’t have access to the washroom.

Listen, someone just have to approach me holding their tummy and looking a bit uncomfortable and I’d run to them and say, “excuse me sir/madam/boy/girl, are you OK? Do you need to use the washroom? Here’s the key.”

Denying someone access to a nearby washroom for whatever reason is inhuman and unthinkable.

After a short argument between the woman and the employee, the woman defefacted on the floor and threw it on the employee. Well, the law of attraction says that he or she “attracted the crap into their lives.” Isn’t that so Rhonda Byrne? Because like energies attract right?

You can read the original article here:


I wrote this comment at the end of the article.

Oh my god. They totally deserve that. What kind of human being in a civilized world denies someone access to a washroom? These people are totally heartless and should be ashamed of themselves. They should run so far into the jungle and hide. They are a disgrace to the human race and they brought the “crap” on themselves. But they have more to get because karma is a bitch. It says in the bible that “whoever shuts his ear to the cry of the helpless will one day cry and not be heard.” So I figure by reason that whoever denies someone a place to shit will one day need to shit and not find a place.

If you can give someone five minutes in your washroom what are you good for on the face of this earth? What works of charity do you do at the end of the day? When you die you do not take your money with you but the good and bad deeds that you did.

Tim Hortons should be ashamed of himself.

Tim Horton’s has since released the following statement:

“In limited cases across the country, restaurants have a restricted access policy for restrooms to ensure the well-being of our guests,” said Tim Hortons in a written statement.

“Our current understanding is that the Team Member used their discretion in this case and denied access to this Guest based on past behaviour and out of concern for the immediate safety of Team Members and Guests in the Restaurant,” the statement read, adding that as matters escalated, staff called police.

What a load of crap.

OK, but that’s just my opinion. Now it’s your turn. Go ahead  and give me all the facts about how I don’t know the facts, and how the woman was mentally ill, and so on and so forth. Just be careful when you throw your crap all over the place.


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