Softball Cricket

Last updated: December 23, 2017 at 18:00 pm

 photoSoftball cricket was my favorite sports as a child. From as early as I could have held a bat in my hands or bowl a ball, I was fascinated with this wonderful game. And who wouldn’t be?

Only someone who has never savored the vibes of connecting a bat to a bowled ball and sent it flying into outer space, or bowled a “spins” which eluded the batsman so cunningly to hit his wicket to the shouts of “out!”

This was a game we came home from school for. And a game we woke up in the morning for. It was a game we missed meals for. And a game we got scolded for by parents. We played it a lot. We played it too much.

Hardly did I get home sometimes than I kicked off my shoes and my bags, quickly changed my clothes and galloped out into the streets.

The game was simple. We used a rubber ball and a makeshift “bat.” For the wicket, we would use a bucket, old cans, old boxes, anything we can find. Sometimes we used old drum covers.

Sometimes we would team up and play “partner game,” and, at other times, “one by one.” There was the “bat out” game, where the objective of the batsman was to stay in the game as long as possible without getting bowled, caught or run out, while at the same time trying to score as much “runs” as possible.

Then there was the “one-tip” softball game. In “one-tip,” the batsman must score a run if he or she so much as “tips” the ball with his bat. If not, he or she must hand it over to the next batsman.

Today, in the town of Lethem, in the Rupununi Savannas of Guyana, I met a sportsman who asked me if I play sports. “Yes, of course,” I answered.

“So what sports do you play?” he asked.

“Well I like all kinds of sports,” I answered. “But my favorite is softball cricket.”

“Do they play that up here?”


We chatted a bit about softball cricket and how I thought it should become an international sport. I mean, I don’t see it in the news.

I see hardball cricket in the news, and I see hardball cricket being played internationally. But I think softball cricket is so much better and and more fun, and that it should become an international game, and not dismissed as simple child’s play.

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