Gay Rights

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Gay Rights: Redefining Marriage

America’s most famous lexicographer, Mr. Webster, has defined marriage as “a union between a man and a woman”. So far, this definition remains intact.

Recently however, the American Court passed a bill which “legalized marriage between a man and another man and a woman and another woman”.

Personally, I think Mr. Webster’s pen would shake violently in his hand if he were alive today and asked to redefine “marriage” in light of these new turn of events. His ingenuity would be taxed to the limit.

But Mr. Webster is no longer here with us and there are so many other lexicographers. In addition, the lawmakers of today are ordering school curriculum to include material on these unnatural sex practices.

My Personal Observations of Gay People

When I was about seven years old, our wonderful neighbors, aunt Raj and her family, moved to the USA. Some new people moved in to the house next door. The new people were nice too. They had some queer ways, and were a bit louder in speech, but they were nice. We liked them. They interacted well with us and everyone around, albeit with quite a few shortcomings, which one can easily overlook.

But among these new neighbors, there was a young man named Prat (name changed for Privacy). Prat was in his twenties at the time when they moved next door. Prat spoke and acted in a rather queer manner. And it was quite easy to identify him as “gay”. Prat led mostly a secluded lifestyle, and his immediate companions were very much “like him”. In short, Prat is someone I had no problems with, but whose company I chose to avoid at all cost.

But whether Prat and his companions chose to be gay or they were born gay is a question that few people could answer. And this leads us to….

Gay Rights – A Chat With Roger

When I stopped at the Takutu Hotel in Lethem sometime in the year 2014, the chef, Roger, happened to be a gay man in his thirties. He liked to sing, and he would often serenade visitors with his rather vocal voice. Roger was very talkative and he would talk openly about his sexual orientation. He admitted openly that he was gay. He dressed as much as he could as a girl and would often fantasize out loud about various men. Roger explained a few things to me. “I don’t think any normal guy would want to choose to become gay. It’s something you’re born with”. Indeed there is scientific evidence to prove that something went amiss with the genetic structure of gay men. But this is just one aspect of the story.

Gay Rights: Are Gays Born Or Made?

It is undeniable that some men are born with feminine emotions. Some “screw up” with the chromosomes are said to be responsible. But while X percentage of gays are born that way, Y percentage of men are influenced to become gay. Many reports have shown that some young boys who were sexually molested by homosexual men developed gay feelings later on in life. On top of that, a young mind is easily influenced. Children who do not have a strong enough defense system could be influenced to become gay even though they weren’t born that way.

Gay Rights: Why I Believe It Is Wrong

Two people of the same sex cannot produce offspring. Life cannot perpetuate itself through the union of two gay people. A gay union therefore is not only an “anti-man” union by also “anti-life” union. And if life itself does not support gay union, then why should anyone else?

Gay Rights: The Trouble With Influence

If a normal young man, a hundred years ago, were somehow caught on the crossroads of being gay or not, the chances of him actually becoming gay would be very slim because of the anti-gay sentiments that prevailed at the time. Nowadays however, with the American Court supporting the issue, and a great fraction of the world rallying for it, young men caught on the cross roads have little to hold on to. They can easily be carried away by the tsunami of gay influence.

Gay Rights: The Trouble With Gays

Who are we to judge? You may ask yourself that question. Surely, straight people do not understand how someone can be attracted to a member of the same sex. We turn to science for answers; and science illustrates that it was a slip of nature that caused them to be born that way. But it doesn’t stop there. If there are some people who were born that way, there are others who were influenced into the behavior. This is because gay men don’t like other gay men. They like “men”. Gay men are attracted to the same thing women are attracted to. And this causes many gay men to target normal men and reel them into their gay practices.

Gay Rights: The Conclusion

While I agree that we should not pass rash judgement on people, and gays should be left to choose their own path: that is, the path that they have already chosen, the people in power should not send the wrong message to the future generations. It should be recognized that such sex practices are not what nature intended. Gays should still understand that and not be lied to. The law passed by the United States of America does everyone a great injustice. And most notably, it does the gay people of the world a great injustice.

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