What Are “General Articles by Patrick Carpen”?

Last updated: July 24, 2018 at 0:27 am

pen photoAs you may know by now, I run a very huge website (or blog) with many different “sub sites” or “sub blogs.”

My main website is www.patrickcarpen.com, and some of my sub sites include:

www.patrickcarpen.com/guyana – A sub site in which I write about the beautiful land of Guyana in South America.

www.patrickcarpen.com/english – A sub site in which I write about the English Language and Grammar.

www.patrickcarpen.com/books-written/ – A sub site in which I write about books I have written or that I am writing.

www.patrickcarpen.com/how-to – A sub site on which I provide information on how to do things or how to get things done.

…and many more!

Then there is www.patrickcarpen.com/general: a blog which features “general articles” by Patrick Carpen.

General articles may be articles which I have written on the fly and didn’t take the time to put into any specialized sub site; or maybe not as yet.

These articles may belong to a sub site which was not yet created; or they may not belong to a subject broad enough to require a sub site.

If a sub site is later created into which any of these articles fit, they will be placed there, or linked to it, or both.

Nevertheless, I hope you have a good time reading and enjoying these general articles in the general articles sub site of my website.

Patrick Carpen

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