Clear Shades to Prevent Computer Eye Strain

This article was last updated on the 14th June, 2015 by Patrick Carpen.

Clear Shades

Clear Shades

Have you suffered from computer eye strain? Do you feel your eyes hurting after looking at a computer screen for too long? If you’re reading this article, chances are, it applies to you.

Today’s scientists and inventors are taxing their ingenuity to produce more and more eye-friendly computer screens, but their success to this date is not definitive. More and more people are still complaining of eye problems which result from continously staring at a computer screen.

But computers are becoming such an integral part of daily life – at least it seems – that’s the direction we’re headed for – that staring at a computer screen for hours is no longer a bad habit: it is pretty much a necessity.

Everything seems to be computerized nowadays, and consequently, people seem to have no choice but to follow suit. But this marvelous innovation which the world lauds as heralding such great convenience and speed to information storage and retrieval also comes with its downsides. A large number of people have strained their eyes to the point of impairment by overuse of the computer.

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I remember when the “protective screen” was rolled out by God-in-heaven-knows what company, but it wasn’t impressive at all. It was an “add-on” screen that you hang in front of the computer monitor and it was supposed to deflect or weaken the harmful rays which hurt the eyes. I remember buying and trying one of these screens, but, like I said, it wasn’t impressive and my eyes still hurt after long hours of staring at it.

When I launched myself down a career path of internet marketing and web development starting back in the year 2005, for the first few years, everything was all “fine and dandy”. I was a having a good time making, breaking and exploring websites, and running up and down all the potential avenues of making money online. I would spend an average of twelve hours per day in front of the computer.

Being that my eyes were “naturally strong”, I didn’t experience any problems during the initial years, but after that, my eyes started to bend under the pressure of constant bombardment. One day, I felt a slight pain after the first few hours of looking at the screen. But it got worse by the day.

I realized something. I either had to “lay off” the computer for a while, so that my eyes could revive themselves, or find a solution to this problem, and fast! With so much at stake – my entire chosen career path – one of them at least – and a whole lot of financial investment, finding a solution to the problem, and quick, was a much more attractive choice.

I decided to consult my “survival instinct“. As I mentioned earlier, humans, like animals, are programmed by the Creator of all things with a “natural survival instinct“, and I wrote more extensively on this subject in “natural remedies“.

I slept on the problem and the next morning, an idea hit me. I picked up a pair of clear shades – clear “shades” not “eyeglasses” or “dark shades”. That would do it! Sure it would.

I put them on and continued my work as usual. It worked like a charm. It has been about ten years and I still carry on merrily – glued to the computer screen for hour after hour with no eye-strain setting in – that is, as long as I have these clear shades on.

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