Harnessing the Power of Words

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If we harness the power of the wind, we can turn a wind turbine, which can generate electricity and light up our homes. We can use solar panels to harness the power of the sun’s heat and light to power an air-conditioning unit and cool our homes. Imagine, using the energy of “heat” to cool our environment! Cool, isn’t it?

We can harness the power of a waterfall to produce electricity to light up entire cities, and mankind has been able to harness the power even in seemingly “dead” substances such as oil and coal.

Harnessing the powers which lie dormant or rage in our natural environment is something that has been done for centuries upon centuries. But harnessing the power of words? Who has heard of such a thing?

The truth is, everything around us is made up of just that: words. Words are the world’s most potent “power” which needs to be harnessed if we are to live very, very productive lives.

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While conducting training of staff at the Takutu Hotel, I had to give the supervisor, Ms. Desiree Hamilton, some pointers on how to more effectively harness the power of the word, because harnessing the power of the spoken word is important for motivating employees. Instead of saying “you do nothing all day”, say “thank you for a hard day’s work!”

The fact is, by telling the most diligent worker “you do nothing all day” in a negative manner will make him or her want to sleep. On the other hand, saying with an enthusiastic and grateful tone “thank  you for a hard day’s work!” would gradually propel even the most indolent soul into perpetual motion.

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How does this work? The subconscious mind often cannot distinguish between statements and commands. So if you keep telling your employees negative things, it will suggest to their subconscious that they need to live up to that expectation. The same thing happens with positive suggestions: your employees will start, without even realizing it, living up to those expectations.

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The bible tells us that a “soft answer turns away wrath”, and that words aptly spoken are like “apples of gold set in bowls of silver”.

How powerful then, and more importantly, beautiful is the word! The word is indeed beautiful, when used in a beautiful way, and by properly harnessing the power of the word, you can beautify your entire life, being and environment.

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