The Time Machine

This article was first published on the 19th of November, 2014 and last updated on the 23rd of April, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

As I was reading The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, it occurred to me more and more that it is possible to travel through time. The bible does mention that it is impossible to go back in time, but also mentions that all things are possible with God. So if all things are possible with God, is time travel also a possibility? I would like to think so because the word used is possible. And I doubt that God would use the word possible if what He meant was sort of possible.

It made me wonder whether God Himself travels through time. How was it possible for God to make all those predictions about the future, up to the very end of the world if He hadn’t been forward in time Himself?

Some people propose that God has it all planned out, so then time is in God’s hands. And if time is in God’s hands in that way then certainly He can move back and forth in it. Is it possible that God could go back in time and stop the crucifixion of Jesus some day? I would like to think so because the bible says that “all things are possible with God”.

Some people propose that God is not affected by time in the same way that we are. And this idea seems plausible. Time cannot exist with God because God does not have a beginning. If time existed for God, then there had to be a time when God was born. And if there was a time when God was born, what was happening one year before that time? Maybe time did not exist before God came into existence. But if God did come into existence, He had to come at some time… And if God was always in existence then for Him time does not exist. Time therefore has to be a small slice of a very large cake. For God, time does not exist because He has all the time in the world. The thing God experiences then is probably not time as we know it. He just measures out something called time for us to measure and coordinate our activities so that we can wake up and go to work and stuff like that. As the preacher says, everything comes from the hands of God.

Traveling through Brazil, the thought did cross my mind that God made the earth very big. God did give man more space than he can use in a very long time. Now here is where two dimensions are measured against each other: space and time. God gave mankind space and time. He gave man 70 years and he gave mankind centuries upon centuries in time and the whole earth in space. Which would run out first for humans…space or time? And which phenomenon would be worse? Glancing out the window of my car while driving the long stretches of South American highways, it was clear to me that mankind would not be able to consume all the earthly space God has given them in a very long time. So is God more generous in giving time or space? It would seem to me like He is equally generous in both. By the time time runs out, more time will come. But what happens if space runs out? What will happen at that time? I do not see how it is possible to consume all the space in these mountainous regions at the side of these thousand miles highways that seem to stretch away for an eternity. So, space for mankind on earth is so big, I can no longer compare it to distance but to time.

Time, as we know it can be compared to a single hydrogen atom isolated from all the hydrogen in the world; or to a drop of water from the ocean. God allocated to man a little bit of time, and yet man’s mind cannot comprehend it.  So if man’s mind cannot comprehend one drop of the ocean of existence, try to imagine how infinitely small man’s mind is in comparison to God’s mind. And for those who think it is impossible to travel through time, remember this…to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens….

I think that the only reason man cannot devise a time machine is not that it cannot be done, but that he can’t do it. And he can’t do it because his intelligence is infinitely limited. God can give man the means to travel back and forth through time if it pleases Him. But God will only give man this tool if He thinks it is necessary.

The human mind cannot fathom two things…the infinity of time and the infinity of space. Therefore, we have no reason to declare that we know for sure that it is impossible to travel through time. Try to look at it in this way: one billion years ago, there were a billion years before that….and so on and so on and so on…..

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