The Soap Dish

Last updated: August 11, 2017 at 20:13 pm

soap  photoJust for the record, this article isn’t a joke. You’re probably thinking “why would anyone write an article about a soap dish anyway?” Lol. Well, this is a “home improvement” or “home and garden” article, and I’m sure some folks out there will find it useful. Besides, I’m a writer, and great writers write about just about everything. Further, when you’re tasked with furnishing your own home, these things come to mind, and their values carry quite some weight, especially when you’re using the really expensive perfume soaps, like I do!

The other day, I moved into a new apartment in a different city. Turns out there was no soap dish in the bathroom. So I would put my soap down on the bare shelf. When it pick it up the next day, the bottom would be all soggy. And guess what? In a few days, the soap would be completely finished! Disintegrated. It grates off too easily!

That’s when I saw the importance of the soap dish with these useful little holes at the bottom. Now my soap lasts twice as long! Soap dishes are a great invention! And now it saves me a ton of cash, especially since, like I mentioned, I use these really expensive perfumed soaps!

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