Have You Ever Wondered?

Last updated: September 3, 2018 at 15:48 pm

wonder photoHave you ever wondered why they taught you so many times in primary school the proverb “be kind to animals”?

But why they never taught you “be kind to human”?

Then later they taught you how to make chicken stew: catch the chicken, hold it down, cut off its neck, defeather it, boil, it, put some spices on, cook it good and eat it.

Then there’s beef stew, pork, labba – and the list goes on. I don’t see where “be kind to animals” falls in here. How about we go deer hunting. Yea that sounds like fun.

Fishing? It’s so exciting. Look what we caught! This is our catch! How did you catch it? We pulled those poor worms from their hiding places in the earth, push our hooks through their bodies, and dropped then into the water. Then we waited for the fish to bite and pulled them with the hooks out the their habit by the mouths. Oh, they’re just fishes, right?

OK, so they didn’t teach you to be kind to humans, but they did teach you in military school to be a “good soldier.” What that means is to go out fully armed all excited about killing other humans you have never met in your life.

In my book “A Report on the Humans,” I have a chapter entitled “the humans are stupid.” And I guess you can see why.

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