Lucid Dreaming: Could this be Real?

Last updated: February 13, 2018 at 22:48 pm

dream photoA few years back, I was reading an article on “lucid dreaming.” I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Could this even be real?

Imagine you are dreaming, but you know that you are dreaming and you can control every aspect of your dream: you can change the setting and characters and you can change the outcome of the dream.

Yes, we’ve all had times when we were dreaming and in the dream, we knew that it was a dream and that soon we were going to wake up. I’ve had those experiences. But there was never a time when I was in full control of the dream, or could control the characters, setting and outcome of the dream.

So, when I stumbled upon this article about lucid dreaming on the internet, I was a bit dumbfounded. Several reliable sources claim that a person can control their dreams consciously and that it feels even more real than when you’re awake!

Seriously? Imagine meeting with your favorite movie stars, flying over cities, driving the car of your dreams, and living out your wildest fantasies in a reality that is far more real than reality.

I’ve never had this experience. I’ve never delved into it. The closest I’ve ever come to lucid dreaming was dozing away while having a mild control over my dream – through the thoughts I was thinking before falling asleep – but then it went blank.

So what are you experiences on lucid dreaming? Please tell me in the comments section.

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