Solomon and the Two Mothers: What Can We Abstract?

Last updated: October 24, 2017 at 13:49 pm

baby photoThe story is told of the biblical king Solomon. Solomon, the son of the legendary King David, became King over Jerusalem while he was still a teenager.

God spoke to Solomon in a dream, and told him to ask for any gift. Solomon responded that he was a young king and would like wisdom to rule God’s people wisely. God was so pleased with this answer that He not only gave Solomon the wisdom that he asked for, but also riches, glory and long life.

Not too long after, a story took place in the Kingdom that would test Solomon’s wisdom. Two women gave birth to babies. One of the women accidentally slept on her baby and killed it. Upon discovering that her baby was dead, she went over to the other mother who was sleeping and stole her baby, then put her dead baby in its place.

Upon awakening, the woman whose baby was stolen realized what had transpired during the night. She took the story up to the King Solomon, but the other woman insisted that the live baby was really hers.

How was King Solomon to know who was telling the truth? How does one solve such a problem? King Solomon called his servant and ordered him to bring a sword and cut the live baby in half, then give half to each other.

Upon hearing this, the real mother of the child exclaimed, “no, give it to her!” But the fake mother whose baby was dead agreed and said, “that’s a good idea!”

King Solomon knew then who was the real mother, because the real mother would never agree to such a request. He then ordered for the baby to be returned to the true mother.

Such a touching story, but what general truths of life can we abstract from this story?

  1. That women or humans in general are inherently selfish?
  2. That misery loves company?
  3. That a woman is incapable of loving a child not her own?
  4. That a woman can only truly love her own child?

Let me hear your comments.

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