Are You Richer Than I Am?

Some time back, a man asked me at random, “Patrick, are you richer than I am?” I hesitated to answer. Then he ventured, “I can assure that in assets such as land and property, you come nowhere close to me, but in money in the bank, what do you think…?”

I looked at this man and saw a poor soul trapped in a decaying body. This was a man who had barefacedly robbed me a sum of money a few months back.

I responded to him by saying, “Sir, I cannot say if I am richer than you. But if I am, I do not owe it to you to prove anything to you. Furthermore, my riches are not stored up on earth, but in heaven. When you die, you will not take any of that wealth with you, and you will soon learn that all you need is 6 feet of land. Furthermore, the blood of all those whom you robbed and oppressed to acquire such wealth cry out from the ground against you. So when you say ‘riches,’ I do not know what you mean, but I can assure you that by divine providence you are not richer than I am.”

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