Social Challenges

Last updated: August 24, 2018 at 19:28 pm

society photoA young girl wrote in her essay that “society is a bad thing.” And indeed it is. Society is tied to social order. In some parts of the world, this order is not exactly exemplary. In fact, it is sometimes backward and counterproductive.

Social orders lead to social expectations. For example, in some societies, the son of a successful doctor might be expected to study medicine. And the son of a teacher, might be expected to follow in his parent’s footsteps, or do something else of an academic nature.

Social order leads to social barriers. For example, the son of a lawyer might be frowned upon if he takes on a less academic path. For example, if he chooses to become a laborer, he might be viewed as failure, or someone who didn’t take up the torch of his father’s legacy.

Some societies look down on physical labor, while idolizing vain positions of power. For example, a supervisor might be lauded for the “work” he does, while the porter is seen as someone “common.”

India is one example of a very backward society. In India, the caste system “castes” people into different levels of society. Some are seen as superior to others. This is an example of a country in which people cannot reach their fullest potential. It’s a country which nurtures the “caste system mentality.”

The caste system mentality is a backward mentality which categorizes some work as lower class work, and other as “upper class work.” As such, lower class people are expected to do lower class work, and upper class people are expected to do upper class work. The caste system mentality leads to oppression, sickness, crime and economic stagnation.

The work culture was developed in the United States. The work culture is the opposite of the caste system mentality. The work culture does not glorify upper class work or look down on lower class work but views hard work in any area as a noble calling.

The most successful societies and nations are those which embrace the work culture: those that break down social barriers and create little to no social challenges. The work culture allows people to reach their fullest potential in all areas of life.

How you look at work will play a role in how successful you become in life. Embrace the work culture; discard the caste-system mentality.

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