Facebook: The Heavy Impact of Social Media

Last updated: February 14, 2018 at 12:26 pm

social photoSomeone once commented that Facebook isn’t real life. While it’s true that appearances can be deceiving, and Facebook is all about appearances, it still makes a huge impact on real life. The truth: the influence of the virtual world is amazingly real.

People read your Facebook posts and comments to help form an image of your entire personality: your mindset, your likes and dislikes, your political views, your racial orientation, your educational background, and most of all, your popularity.

True, Facebook spices appearances up a lot for people. Anyone can take a pretensive picture anywhere and make their reality appear a lot more impressive that it actually is. In fact, one time I saw a sarcastic meme on Facebook that read like this: I hope your life is as awesome as you pretend that it is on Facebook. And that spells it out clearly. It states the fact: people hardly show the dark and dreary sides of their lives on Facebook.

Yes, Facebook is full of fairy tale stories: my beautiful daughter, my handsome son, my loving dad, my beautiful mom, off to work (watch out for the boss), having dinner…and the list goes on. The picture most of these people tend to paint however is only representative of the short bright flashes of life.

Nevertheless, through a simple post, comment, picture or “like,” Facebook exerts a heavy impact on people’s life in a very real way.

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