Learning to Iron Clothes

This article was first created on the 2nd of January, 2016 and last updated on the 11th of January 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

Iron is a metal element obtained from the earth’s minerals. “A piece of iron” may be defined as “a piece of metal obtained from the earth’s minerals”; but “an iron” refers mostly to an electrically operated device which is used to “press” or “neaten” clothes. You may say “I’m going to iron my clothes this afternoon” or you may say “I’m going to press my clothes this afternoon”. Both are equally correct forms for the same idea and both are understood in most cultures.

But the question now arises “am I really going to press my clothes this afternoon?” You bet! In fact it is a new habit I have recently developed. And when I say “recently” I mean “recently”. In fact, I never liked to iron clothes. “What’s the point of it?” I asked myself. And I never found the answer to that question. I mean, I’m going to press my clothes to “impress” whom? It just didn’t make any sense. In my mind, taking time off to iron clothes which will become ruffled again in a few hours seemed like a genuine waste of precious time. The same time, I thought, which could be used to do more meaningful things, such as looking at an educational video, reading a book, or making money. And what’s the point of looking all neat and going broke?

I was wrong about that. In fact, it doesn’t take up all that time, and there are a host of benefits associated with pressing one’s clothes and looking neat. For one, you look more professional. People are naturally inclined to “respect and admire” well dressed persons more; and this may lead to more and better business deals and consequently more money.

But aside from that, it just “feels good to look good”. The world’s most successful people are the ones who take time off to do the important things in life. These may include “stopping to smell the roses”, paying attention to your appearance, and just taking time off to “think”.

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In fact, appearances are important in the world we live in. It is said that our faces are a reflection of our minds, and it’s absolutely true. On the same note, our bodies may be a reflection of our lifestyles and abilities and our attire may be a reflection of our values and personalities.

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When I came to work at the Takutu Hotel in Lethem, Rupununi, I came with the habit of not pressing my clothes. I just didn’t like to. But I was often encouraged to do so by management. I finally yielded and pressed my clothes a few times, but I tried to avoid it as often as I could. One afternoon, Mrs. Gloria Johnson came over and commented in a nice way that my shirt needed a little ironing. I went to the nearby room and ironed it and came out back. However, the shirt still appeared creasy, and Mrs. Johnson commented on this. “But I just ironed it” I said.

“Oh well perhaps it was not ironed in a long time”, she replied.

A thought then occurred to me: the more I iron my clothes, the easier it gets to iron it the next time. In fact, the more I iron my clothes, the more versed I become in the art of ironing my clothes. And this could come in really handy if looking neat really became a priority one day.

I used to be amused at professionals, both male and female, who stop at the hotel, and then came down asking to borrow an iron. But now, I see “eye to eye” with them.

Ironing my clothes now bring me great joy. It feels good to look good. As the saying goes, no matter how you’re feeling, look up, dress up, and show up.

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