Distracting the Enemy – the Smuggler

Last updated: May 13, 2018 at 22:19 pm

bicycle photoThe story is told of the smuggler who lived close to an overland border between two countries. Everyday, he would cross the border on a bicycle carrying a bag of sand on his back. The border patrol, finding this suspicious, searched the bag of sand on many occasions, but never found anything other than sand in the bag. It came to a point where the border patrol became frustrated and stopped searching the man’s bag of sand.

The man countinued this practice for over twenty years, and no one stopped him anymore. Finally, the border patrol officer had retired and met the smuggler in a bar. The two of them shared a drink and the border patrol officer said to the smuggler, “I know that you have been smuggling something across the border all these years, but I never found it. Tell me, now that it is all over, what have you been smuggling in that bag of sand?”

The smuggler looked at the retired officer and smiled, “my friend,” he replied. “All these years that I have been riding across the border, I have been smuggling bicycles. The bag of sand was to distract you.”

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