Patience Pays Off

This article was first published on the 17th of June, 2014 and last updated on the 20th of November, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

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Patience pays off: the importance of staying calm

When I first started working at the Takutu Hotel in Lethem, one of the hotel’s regular customers checked into the hotel. She seemed to have a ready issue with me. It seemed like this girl didn’t like me at all.

She started complaining that I was rude, that I seemed to have an attitude problem, that I flung the paper to them, and all kinds of crazy things. I got so upset, I wanted to just walk out of there. But she calmed down a bit when I said “Ma’am, would you like it if I quit this job and go home right now?”

Patience Pays off: the dual nature of people

I had the displeasure of seeing this woman’s face on and off for the next eight months that I worked there; but each time it got better. Eventually, she was smiling with me. One day, when she paid her bill, she left a generous tip, which was equal to about my entire day’s pay.

She also left me with a great smile, and a joyful mind that will resonate throughout my entire day: the thought that there is good in every human being.

Not too long after, she came to pay her bill again; and she left me the same tip. But this time, she also invited me to her birthday party which she was throwing that night, with all her special friends. And the next day, she invited me to accompany her group to the waterfall. It seemed like she was now my best friend.

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It occurred to me that we as humans shouldn’t jump to conclusions too fast. Most people don’t want a problem. Most people act on the basis of past negative experiences, and often, positive people need to stay positive if they are to reel others into their realm of positivity.

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