The Power of Ignoring People

Last updated: May 10, 2017 at 19:07 pm

thought photoIgnoring people can be a powerful strategy in helping you to live a better life. In fact, it can be one of the most powerful tools that increases your productivity and keeps you smiling rather than frowning.

Have you ever tried correcting someone and they spilled even more of their stupidity?

I mentioned in my article Focus Forward how what people say can have a profound effect on the mind. Sometimes, we feel a need to set the record straight. But is it even worth it?

Some weeks back, someone said something really unfair and stupid to me. Well, what else is new? I felt a need to confront this person and tell them the facts of life. But I thought to myself that maybe the person wouldn’t understand a word I was saying to them, due to the level of their stupidity.

For weeks, I wrestled with mental tensions trying to decide whether to confront or ignore this idiot. I chose the latter. Gradually, thoughts of what they said and the effects it had on my mind started to fade from my consciousness. They started to become replaced by better, more pleasant thoughts and memories.

I harnessed the powers of the affirmation “I won’t think about this anymore”.

Today, I smile at the vague memory of this idiot when I remember the words from the bible “do not speak into the ears of a fool….”

Update: A few weeks later, I can no longer remember who this idiot was or what they said.

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