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Have you ever asked yourself why everyone around you is so stupid? Well, I have. And I was smart enough to figure out the answer.

Fact: People with lower IQ reproduce much faster than people with higher IQ.

If you represent reproduction against IQ level on a graph, it will show complete decline in reproduction after you pass a certain intelligence quota.

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Studies have shown that people with lesser intelligence, like animals, do not think “intelligently” before engaging in acts with the intention of reproducing.

On the other hand, intelligent people will think hundreds of times, and want to make sure that all circumstances are ideal before bringing children into this troubled world.

Too many times I’ve met with numskulls back in my hometown who kept pestering me about when I will “plant my seed”, “bring forth a youth”, “have kids” and…you know the slang.

Well, I have an adopted son; and if the overpopulation weren’t such a worrying problem in the world today, I’d probably have a few kids of my own.

When I told Trevor that I’m not interested in having a child of my own, and that I have an adopted son, he insisted “no…you will want to see your own face…you’re a handsome guy”.

Of course, if I want to see my handsome face, I just look into a mirror, or stare down a pool of glass-like water like the legendary Narcissus until I grow roots, die and turn into a flower plant.

Seeing my handsome face is not a problem. I can see my face, and the face of God’s love in every child. A child doesn’t have to be my own for me to love him or her; but sadly, this is not the view of everyone. And even though I know that I am physically and intellectually superior to most people, I do not feel compelled to pass on my superior genes, because I could never tell how “stupid” the other person might be.

Of course, I personally don’t believe in abortion. I think that once a child has been conceived, it should be brought forth; but this is just my view. Of course, I’m no saint when it comes to having intimate encounters with the hottest women on earth, but I know how to take steps to prevent conception and it hasn’t been such a hard thing.

Why should I?

My adopted son’s father died when he was still a baby. His mother and half-sister struggled with a day job to take care of him. Around that same time, I used to spend weekends at my friends’ place, where the child’s mother worked. And just for the record, I was never, and will never be, in a romantic relationship of any sort with the boy’s mother. I noticed the child’s need for a father figure, and I gladly played the role. What if I had a child or children of my own, would I have been able to provide the love and care that this fatherless child so badly needs?

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The movie “Stupid”.

A friend of mine, Neal Lewis, while we were having a few beers one night, entertained me with the story of the movie “Stupid”. I have never watched the movie up to this point, but Neal explained the theme: the world keeps getting more and more stupid because of the fact that stupid people reproduce way faster than intelligent people. It got to the point where even the president of the United States was so stupid. Are we getting there?

Be fruitful and “blemish” the face of the earth?

Illiteracy is becoming more and more of a problem with the continued and exponential increase of stupid people. Of course, stupid people don’t think before they act, they act before they think, and one of them told me this outright.

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I once met a man who had ten children with his wife of 12 years. One of the children, sadly, had a hearing a problem; so he would approach some people in the community to help him procure a hearing aid and other things for the child. Another one of the children had a speech problem. And of course, financial problem in his family was on the rise. He kept petitioning for one assistance after the other and we did everything we could to assist him. But his petitions soon got overbearing and on top of that he broke the news that he was in more financial troubles because his wife was pregnant with yet another child. When asked why he was making more children when he is having so much problems taking care of the ones he already has, he replied “Isn’t that what the bible says, to be fruitful and blemish the face of the earth?”

Of course, God did say to be fruitful and replenish the face of the earth; and if the earth was in need of replenishing, I would joyfully fulfill this divine duty; but as we can clearly see, the world has already been replenished to the point it has been blemished.

Somehow, stupid people will continue to multiple at a faster rate than smart people.


Logic will dictate that I shouldn’t be offending anyone with this article because of the this fact: people who are intelligent enough to read and understand this article will not be among the stupid class.

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