How Did God Come About?

This article was first published on the 29th of March, 2015 and last updated on the 23rd of April, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

While I was staying at the Takutu Hotel in Lethem, Rupununi, Ms. Desiree Hamilton made it her duty to keep at least one hour of bible study class every week. Her students? Just three of us: the receptionist–a young girl named Magdalene Tancredo, her own little daughter, Reanna Hamilton, and myself.

Ms. Desiree contended that the bible commands us to “spread the gospel to all people” and if we don’t teach people about Jesus and salvation, then we’re failing in our divine duty which God Himself commands us to do. And she is right I think, after all, so many people still thirst for the water of life.

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Her first lesson was about the fall of man: how Adam and Eve brought sin into the world by a simple act of disobedience.

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But sometime in the course of the lesson, the young girl Magdalene posed a somewhat humurous but equally serious question. She asked “how did God come about?”

That’s a question I think which many minds must have wrestled with since the inception of human life on earth. How did God come about? If one of the finest arguments for creation is “someone had to make it”, then can’t we equally argue “someone had to make God”?

So who made God? When did He “come about”? What was he doing a hundred, a thousand or a million years before creation? And why didn’t He create the earth a million years before that?

My opinion is that God created time. He is above and beyond time. Without Him, time does not exist. In other words, God was there before time began; and time is just something God measured out to us mortal ┬áhuman beings for us to arrange our activities conveniently. In other times, time is just a very small slice of a very big pie in God’s plate.

So how did God come about? Did God perhaps come about during the “big bang”? Was He the result of that enormous force which brought all other life into existence? Or did God bring about the big bang Himself?

Who knows? And who knows if the big bang theory is just one of those scientific theories which will one day be discarded in light of more advanced findings?

As christians, we accept that there are some things the human mind cannot comprehend, such as the infinity of time and space. And questions such as “how did God come about” is better left for the day we meet Him face to face in glory. Then if He wishes to reveal this knowledge to us, He will.

In the meantime, we should rest content in the “knowledge” that our knowledge is “finite” and God’s knowledge is infinite.

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