What Does it Mean to Believe?

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Published: 18th of April, 2023

Last updated: April 18, 2023 at 18:49 pm

Faith and belief are to closely linked ideas and often go hand in hand. Christians, for example, believe in Jesus, or you can say that they have faith in Jesus. On the other hands, Muslims belief in Allah, and they have “faith” in Allah.

Let’s lay down the definition of these two words according to the Cambridge dictionary.

Belief – the feeling of being certain that something exists or is true.

Faith – great trust or confidence in something or someone.

While it is not stated directly in the above dictionary definitions, it is generally understood that faith and belief refer to things that are not proven scientifically or to be true beyond the shadow of doubt. If it were, then belief would change into knowledge and faith into assurance. Faith and belief then are two of the hardest concepts to explain or even grasp.

Nevertheless, very great ideas hang on the concepts of faith and belief. Christians, for example, believe that Jesus is their savior without ever having seen him personally. Muslims believe in the Koran and Allah without having any concrete proof. In the bible, Jesus tells us that, “if you have faith the size of the mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘be removed and be planted in the middle of the ocean’ and it will obey.” Do you really belief that? No! But if you did, you would be able to perform such feat!

You’ve probably heard the expression, “your belief is your cure.” And the placebo effect explains how the mind harnesses the power of belief to do things. A patient walks into a doctor’s office complaining of not feeling well. The doctor runs some tests and then administers some medicine. Little does the patient know that the medicine is nothing but placebo, but he starts to feel better right away. His faith and belief in the doctor’s prescription harnessed the power of the mind to heal him.

Today, religious leaders go around the world telling others to believe in something. But how many of these people who claim to blindly follow truly believe? How can one believe without seeing? If I told you that the sky is green, would you believe? If I tell you that there is a talking lion in the forest, would you believe? Probably not! You would need some kind of evidence or proof.

Belief and faith then, are two of the hardest concepts in the world to understand, define, or explain. But if you truly believe that you have the power of do so, you can move mountains. The question is, how do you believe?