Going to Take an Eye Test

This page was first published on the 20th of November, 2016 and last updated on the 22nd of November, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

Eye TestSome months back, during one of my visits to Lethem, I saw a young girl standing under a large tree.She was standing at a table with some papers and an older woman was next to her.

She was beautiful. Her beautiful figure and lovely face caught my eyes.  So I turned back and opened a conversation with her. She told me that the woman next to her was her mom, and that she was studying ophthalmology at the University of Guyana.Ophthalmology, by the way, is the study of the human eyes.

So I asked her where she was from and she said, “Moco Moco”. So I said to her “If only I knew that Moco Moco had such beautiful women, I would have never gone to Sao Pualo in the first place. At this she burst out laughing.  And so did her mom. Can anyone tell me why they laughed?

Anyway, she also told me that, as part of her practical studies, she was conducting an eye testing program at the Lethem Hospital, and that I was free to come (not cum). It then occurred to me that I had wanted to do an eye test for several months now to verify that my eyes were still working perfectly. And on this note, I remembered that, a few months back, when I was in Boa Vista, I had stopped at a Private Eye Clinic and enquired. But they had told me that the fee for an eye exam was 15 US dollars. But I had thought about it for a while and had realized that I had better things to do with 15 US than take an eye test. Like, I could buy some cake instead. Brazil sells really good cake, and please don’t get me the wrong way.

Now this beautiful young woman was offering me an eye test for free. She is so wonderful. And I thought she was only beautiful.

So I told her that I would be there the next day to take the test. I mentioned to her that I had taken an eye test about three years ago, and I had the most exemplary vision recorded by a human being. Then I added “and I assure you, my eyes are not the only organ that functions perfectly on my body.” Once again, she burst out laughing. Can anyone tell me why she laughed?

The next day, in the eye testing office, the young girl did a meticulous job in testing everyone’s eyes. She was detailed and keen, spending sometimes about 30 minutes on one person. Then it occurred to me that she was not just beautiful and kind, but dedicated as well.

Then it was time to take my eye test. She asked me to sit in the chair as she positioned the chart and asked me to read the letters. I called them all out perfectly and once again, I was declared to have the most exemplary vision recorded by a human being. 20: 15 vision.

So I said “and I assure you, my eyes are not the only organ about my body that functions perfectly.” And everyone burst out laughing. Can anyone tell me why they laughed?

Then she took a tiny light and peered straight into my eyes, for about five minutes. It felt so beautiful, like an intimate experience. When she was done, she told me my eyes are perfect with no glaucoma or cataract. I said to her “I wish you would stare into my eyes forever”. And everyone burst out laughing.

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