The Power to Overcome: Uproot Your Fears.

Today, many people live with psychological limitations brought on by past trauma or negative experiences.

The story is told of the elephant which can lift a 50-pound tree trunk and hurl it into the air but can be tied to a banana plant and be held in bondage right there. The elephant, which with a nodd of the head can uproot the banana plant, will not budge and remain in bondage.

Why? When the elephant was a baby, it was tied by its trunk to a tree trunk. It struggled to free itself, but the more it struggled, the more it hurt its own nose. The elephant learned that it would hurt to try to free itself. It will not pull because the fear of trauma is etched in its mind from a past, early event. If only the elephant knew that it could rip that banana tree out of the ground!

Today, millions of people are held in check because of past traumatic events. Like the elephant, they can free themselves.

Remember, the saying: run to your fears, embrace them. At the other side of your greatest fear lies your greatest life.

What past event is limiting your life? Remember the story of the elephant and rip that anchor out of the ground!

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