Stick To The Plan

This article was first created on the 11th of October, 2014 and last updated on the 7th of February, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

The Moral of the Story: Don’t Get Distracted!

Success Is Within Your Reach!

Success Is Within Your Reach!

The importance of sticking to the original plan for success can never be overrated. Whenever we are presented with an abundance of opportunities and financial resources, it is so easy to lose focus and jump from one opportunity to the next, one plan to the other, not carrying out a single one effectively. We sometimes see the next big thing, and the bigger thing just a few steps away. This often leads to costly failures and years of ‘missing the point’.

The truth is, the most successful plan can be started on a shoestring budget. And an ‘almost no money required’ idea is not only the most plausible, but the most possible. Never underestimate the power of the advice: start small. Start small and grow rapidly. Develop fast. Then burst into success like a star going super nova. The entire universe came into existence through very small particles. An entire 200 pound human started with a single drop of sperm. A 500 feet tree started from a single seed and entire towns can be powered with the splitting of a single atom.

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The bible teaches that if you really believe, you can ask for anything in the world and receive it. It’s because every human being already has at his disposal ‘MORE’ than he can use: more money, more time, more health, more wine, more song…more of just about anything. But more often than not, we lack the wisdom needed to┬ásee it there. Everything is already there within our reach, waiting for us to “reach out and take”. That’s where God comes in: heaven seems so close, yet is so far away.

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If Jesus could turn water into wine, then any believer can turn his ‘water’ into ‘wine’. That is, change a problematic situation into a wildly profitable one.

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