Why Not Part 111?

Last updated: July 28, 2018 at 20:05 pm

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The Movie, The Terminator, as I mentioned before, blew my mind with it’s amazing plot and breathtaking action.

I can still recall my favorite scenes from The Terminator.

Then came the sequel: Terminator 11: An instant hit which took the box office by storm. I still can’t forget how amazing it was to see the T-1000 riding up the stairs with the police motorcycle, then riding out the window and clinging on the flying helicopter. There was no boring moment in either The Terminator of the sequel: Terminator 11: Judgement Day.

Then came Terminator 111. Because of my love for the first two parts, I tried to watch it. But everything seemed so fake and lame, like a copy cat or talking parrot.

Surely, many people will agree with that part 111 of any movie waters down, losing it’s originality, suspense and grip. Why? Partly because the viewer’s mind is already saturated with the general idea of the plot as well as the kind of action that comes with it: nothing can surprise you now.

It seems that in the third sequel, the producers are just pushing things too far. Please, stop at Part 11 movie makers. Don’t bore your audience.

Who else feels the same way? And who have enjoyed a Part 111? Let us know in the comments section below.

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