The Homeless Couple

This article was first created on the 3rd of October, 2014 and last updated on the 23rd of April, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

The world is full of varieties. There are rich people, poor people, not so rich people, not so poor people…and the list goes on. There are good people who are rich, bad people who are rich, good people who are poor, bad people who are also poor. As it says in the bible ‘God does whatever pleases him on the face of the whole earth’.

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As I was walking through Brazil, in the beautiful city of Campo Verde, I stopped to talk to a young man and woman who was sitting in the shade near to the park. They weren’t exactly groomed to perfection but they were very healthy and good looking. I later learned that the two were man and wife. The young girl asked me to buy one of their crafts while the young man was busy designing one of their many crafts.

It seemed this couple was blessed with a little skill to create beautiful hand-made crafts that can be used for decoration purposes.

I stopped to form a conversation out of curiosity with this couple. Indeed, it might be perceived as a bit of a strange thing to do as what most people do in regards to a couple like this is twitch their noses and walk on.

The girl told me that her parents were gypsies and had taken her on bicycle to visit my own homeland, Guyana, when she was just a kid. She asked me for some money to buy lunch ‘from the heart’ after she saw I wasn’t buying one of their crafts.

Doubtless, I am sure that they would not starve. God has his eyes in all places and surely he would send someone to provide something for these people. And indeed, this couple showed no signs of malnutrition whatsoever. In fact, they both looked perfectly healthy. It dawned upon me how powerful God is in providing for his children.

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The next morning, as I was walking to the Wizard school where I worked, I saw the couple again in another park. I went over to have a small talk with them. I spoke to them about the importance of going to church and how God could perform miracles in the lives of people who believe. The young girl gestured in perfect agreement, and the boy too. I had a feeling that they listened well and that my ‘seeds fell on fertile ground’.

But what really struck me this morning in approaching this couple was another thing. As I approached, the young man was eating something like a large rounded cake, and the first gesture he made as I approached was to offer me a piece. Here is a man who has no home, very little or no money and probably does not know where the next meal will come from, offering half of what he has to a complete stranger.

Indeed, I didn’t accept, but this is the action of a heart that is full of God’s love. This guy offered to me ‘all he had’. And even though it was very little, it was more, proportionally speaking, than a billionaire who gives a million dollar.

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