The Power of Meekness

Last updated: April 22, 2018 at 0:07 am

lamb photoMany people in the world today are obsessed with the idea of “fighting” for what they want – even if this “fighting” transcends from the figurative meaning of “putting in excessive effort” to the literal meaning of facing a human opponent. People believe they have to defend “what is theirs.” But often, they are not sure what power in heaven or in earth decreed that that thing that they claim should be theirs.

I explained in my article, “fight for what?” how foolish it is to fight for the acre of land in front of you when you can walk away and inherit the thousands of acres behind you.

That’s called the “power of walking away.” To date, millions of people have given their lives up for things that are not really worth it, at the same time failing to see “what was behind them.”

People fight over acres of land. But many of them die in these fights. And when we’re dead, can we really use the land? No, as they saying goes, all we need is six feet of land: six feet of land that we can’t make use of, but that makes use of us. So then why are there still so many wars? Why do people still fight? It’s because they do not ask themselves “fight for what?” And, “is it really worth it?”

Jesus told us when He walked on earth that “the meek shall inherit the earth.” The vast majority of humans on earth would scoff and turn up their noses at such a saying. How can the meek inherit the earth? After all, people are so obsessed with fighting, owning and conquering, even by force, things that they cannot make use of.

But it is the enlightened believer who understands how glaringly true and obvious Jesus’ words are when He says, “the meek shall inherit the earth.” That is because all man-made systems and inventions will fail, but Jesus never fails. God further tells us that “heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words will never fail.”

The dictionary defines meekness as “enduring injury with patience and without resentment.” When I was still a child, my Sunday School teacher laid it out in the simplest terms for us to understand. He said, “meekness is something like, if there is only one cherry, and both you and your friend want it, the meek person will say ‘you take it’.”

Sometime back, I had an experience at the workplace. I was working as a teacher in an underdeveloped nation. I was given a mediocre apartment in which to live. But I was happy with it. But then, things got worst. Another teacher came to work at the school, and was forced to share the same apartment with me. The apartment was so small that we both felt very uncomfortable. It was clear that one of us had to resign or there would be some sort of strife.

I decided that I would go. I submitted my resignation even though I had loved my job so much. I walked away. I employed the power of meekness. And God stood true to His word in flinging one door of opportunity after the other wide open. In fact, God has blessed my life so much because I heeded His words that I can see His blessings in my life with my very eyes.

Remember, that God is a God of abundance. He can supply more than you’ll ever need. Remember too that things are not always as they seem, as the Psalmist wrote, “I have seen the wicket increasing and spreading himself like a green bay tree, but I came back and he wasn’t there. I sought him and he couldn’t be found.” And most of all, remember that God’s words never fail.

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