Those Who Trample on God’s Mercies

This article was first published on the 28th of August, 2015 and last updated on the 26th of April, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

Not too long ago, hackers cracked into the database of one of the world’s largest…well not dating…”hook up” sites. Ashley Madison is a sexual encounter website intended for married people who want to have an extra-maritial affair. Their slogan is “life is short: have an affair”.

The hackers dumped the data of the 37 million + plus users online for all the world to see. Talk about airing your dirty laundry…sighs.

Sex is nothing new to our world. In fact it is responsible for all of us being here. And most of these “precious human lives” were results of some degree of lawlessness. But sex is one thing. Infidelity, lies, cheating and betrayal are some others.

A thought occured to me just then. With 37 million + people looking to cheat, what are the chances of a young man and woman making it with a lifetime of love and faithfulness. The picture is painfulfully grim. Life is no fairtale. And indeed, there are very few fairytale romances.

But here comes the sad part. I was browsing the internet one evening and I came across the headline “400 Christian leaders to resign after Ashley Madison Leak”. Whew! 400 christian leaders caught on Ashley Madison trying to cheat on their spouses!

But that’s nothing new. We’ve all heard stories of X Pastor and Y Preacher taking advantage of members of the congregations, cheating on their wives, and the list goes on.

The bible warns us that there will be many “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. And surely, even the devil walks into the sanctuous presence of God.

But incidents like these give aetheists and other non-christians a great opportunity to blaspheme and point fingers at Christianity. And it made me remember the story of King David, when he committed adultery with Bathsheba. God said to him “Because you have done this, you have given the heathen a great opportunity to blaspheme….” God punished David by causing his first son with the woman to die. Then God raised up David’s son Absalam against him. He was chased by Absalam’s army and persecuted almost to the point of death. But God delivered him. But that’s not all. Absalom kidnapped all of David’s wives and went in onto them for all of Israel to take note of it.

Surely, we know that God will not punish sin because God takes pleasure in human suffering. If God took pleasure in human suffering then He Himself would not have come down to suffer and die for us on a Roman cross. No. We know that God punishes sin because “God loves righteousness.”

These Christian leaders are the ones who gave non-christians a reason to blaspheme. They made it possible for non-believers to point a finger at the Christian religion.

But should this phenomenon where Christians are found culpable of such “unchristian” acts be seen as a reason to turn away from Christianity? Is this a sign perhaps that there really is no God? Is it a warning perhaps that our Jesus is nothing more than an imposter or a fairytale?

Certainly not. These fallen “leaders” are not a representation of Christ. They are the ones who trample of God’s mercies. It is God’s mercies that put them in the place they are and keeps them alive to this moment.

The bible tells us that “surely our sins will find us out”. We must be weary of this. As a Christian and human being, I know and acknowledge that no one is perfect. Christian leaders who fail God in this must repent and change from their ways. The bible tells us that those who lead the flock of Jesus must be a representation of Jesus. They must be perfect as He also is.

The fact that these leaders have failed is no stumbling block for Christianity. But it should be an eye-opener that so many of us – both Christians and non-christians, tramble on God’s mercies everyday. Yet He is patient with us. Yet His heart yearns for our repentance and our turning away from our sins and towards Him. He made us and He knows our strengths and weaknesses. God will judge all humans according to the perfection of His holiness. After all He is a loving, caring and merciful God. And He knows best all that is in our hearts.

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