War Crimes: The Most Blatant Redundancy

This article was first published on the 16th of June, 2016 and last updated on the 20th of April, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

War Crimes: The Most Blatant Instance of Redundancy in the English Language

Have you ever heard of war crimes? Well, what is that really? I mean, what could it possibly be? Isn’t war itself a crime to humanity? Yet, when I turn on the television, I often hear of people being tried for war crimes. 

Well well, how ridiculous could we as humans get? Are we trying to say that war is something good and nice, like a good football game, and you can’t break the rules, or you’ll be committing crimes? I mean, what is so nice and godly about going out with the intention of killing people by the most violent means?

The United Nations’ Peace Keeping Force has often reported war crimes by various military men; and I’m thinking “well, what the hell”? As if it is not bad enough the white collar bandits (not a reference to the UNPK by the way), send men and women in uniform out to kill each other by the most violent means ever and then set up rules of what is right and wrong during this killing spree.

Most of these idiots who talk about war crimes, accuse people of war crimes, try people for war crimes and convict people of war crimes, has probably never walked in a battlefield themselves. They have probably never felt the horrors of wars so they think it is some kind of video game, or football match, so they sit in their high offices and say “be careful, not to commit a war crime”.

Sorry to keep repeating myself by WAR in itself is a CRIME.

I mean, it seems like some people think it’s a noble thing to kill everyone and everything in your path as long as you don’t commit a crime in the process. Do it the right way and you won’t be committing a war crime.

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