Remembering Phone Numbers

Last updated: February 4, 2019 at 19:52 pm

Some aspects of mnemonics teach you how to become a faster learner by using advanced memory techniques. One of these techniques is attaching images – no matter how bizarre – to words and numbers in order to remember them.

The brain remembers images easier than simple words or numbers so by attaching images to words and numbers, you stand a greater chance of remembering them.

You can also attach emotions to words or numbers in order to remember them.

Here’s an example. A few days ago, I was going to a nearby city to get the phone number connected to a house for sale. I didn’t have a pen or paper or my cell phone to take a note of the number so I relied entirely on memory to bring this number back home.

I had two options – repeat the number a hundred times until it stuck or use an advanced mnemonic technique. I chose the latter. The number was: 8119-7338. It has been several days and I still can remember this number.

Try to imagine that when your grandmother was 81 years old, you were 19 years old. Then try to remember that when your dad was 73, your sister was 38.

By attaching both emotions and images to these numbers, I was able to hold them in memory until I could have written them down.

Did you enjoy this simple memory trick?

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