The Guyanese-American Labor Industry

This article was first published on the 23rd of October, 2014 and last updated on the 23rd of April, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

Sometimes, people are more concerned about “making money” than fulfilling a need or service. Of course, in order to legally make money in the real world, most of the time you have to fulfill a need, or supply a demand.

Some people may complain that there is not enough industry in Guyana. And for that reason, the country is very weak economically. But there is a major industry existing between the USA and Guyana that cannot be officially recorded in the Social Studies textbooks. That industry is called the US-Guyanese labor market.

How it works is that Guyana “produces” thousands of laborers through the process of reproduction on a yearly basis for the United States and the US buys them for a dime a dozen when the reach the right age. Imagine a gate that leads to greener pastures and thousands of cows beating and scrambling against it to get through, one pushing against the other and forming a long line. Now imagine a man dressed in uniform standing on the other side, opening the gate for a few brief seconds. the moment he opens the gate, three or four cows manage to scramble through and then he slams the gate shut violently locking out the remaining cows for another 24 hours, when he will repeat the process. And yes, sometimes he does slam the gate shut on the heads of some cows, sometimes smashing it, sometimes cutting if off. It is not always a uniform, clean shut.

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The Guyanese have been known to go to all extremes to get to the US: kill, lie, betray, cheat, steal…. There has been a story where a man was murdered by his envious neighbors because he was supposed to go to the US the next day.

One woman left her husband and fooled another man to take her to the US, dumping him too after she got there. And there are multitudes of these stories. One of my friends from Georgetown died in a backtrack route, when the boat they were in, heading for the coasts of Florida, sank in stormy weather. One co-worker from a school I use to teach at, made it all the way to the USA but got turned back the day he landed.

The US has a right to take good, God-fearing, healthy Guyanese, turn them into criminals and send them back to Guyana. It is a system called “deportation”. There are many variations of these cases and of Guyanese getting turned back as soon as they land.

Why are Guyanese so desperate to get to the United States at all cost? I don’t know, but the American evangelist was trying to tell them one day that it is “because they do not know Jesus”.

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