Thought Provoking Issues and Ideas

This page was first published on the 18th of February, 2016 and last updated on the 27th of April, 2016 by Patrick Carpen.

Sometimes in life, we stumble upon some issues or ideas which plunge us into deep thought in order to try to figure out the reality of the situation.

Think of the propeller at the front of a plane for example: when it starts spinning past a certain rate, it appears to be no longer there. In fact, it is still there, it is just that you can’t see it. If you were spinning at the same rate of the propeller however, you would see it in a stationary position. On the other hand, the blades of the propeller occupy a fraction of a 360 degree circle when stationary. When spinning however, the blades appears to be “everywhere at almost the same time”. At what rate will be blades be “everywhere at every time”, and how is this possible?

Is time travel possible? If so, is it possible to travel back or forth in time? Evidences around us suggest that time travel is indeed possible. After all, everything is possible. But if we are to travel through time, then how many times would we appear at the same place at the same time?

Is perpetual motion possible? If we could invent a machine which generates, through some natural law, its own energy exponentially, then what happens when it starts spinning at a rate we can neither comprehend nor control?

Does God control the minds of humans? The bible does indicate this, for example when he “hardened Pharaoh’s heart” so that Pharaoh would not let the Israelites go. So if God controls the hearts and mind, as it says in Proverbs “a man’s steps are from the Lord”, then to what extent does free will exist…if it exists at all?

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