Paragraph Writing: Example One

Last updated: July 29, 2017 at 15:36 pm

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Assignment: Write a Paragraph With the Following Topic Sentence: Even today, many people are superstitious.

Note the following:

1. The topic sentence summarizes the main idea.

2. All other sentences in the paragraph expands on the main idea.

3. The topic sentence usually comes at the beginning of the paragraph, but it can also appear second, last, or anywhere else.

4. In the example paragraph below, I choose to make the topic sentence the fifth sentence.

5. The expression “even today” suggests that, because of scientific advancement and education, superstitions were supposed to be less likely today than in the past. This idea should also be addressed in the paragraph.

So, without further ado, let’s write our paragraph!


Long ago, people had all kinds of crazy ideas. They believed that when lightning flashes, the gods are fighting. Thankfully, the advancement of science has led to the dissemination of knowledge which dismantled these and many other superstitious ideas. But science has failed to deliver the knockout punch to superstition. Even today, many people are superstitious. They still believe in bad luck, good luck and lucky and unlucky persons. They still believe that if you sweep your house after six o’clock in the evening, you’ll be sweeping away your riches. They still believe in spinning around three times for good luck, in Black Friday, in the dangers of a black cat crossing your path and so many other ludicrous ideas which lack a scientific or logical basis. It seems like education and science still have a far way to go in delivering humans from ignorance.

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