The Subject Pronoun “I”

Last updated: September 9, 2017 at 17:45 pm

I am here!I had a hard time teaching the subject pronoun “I” to my Grade 9 students some days back. Why? Because this pronoun “replaces” something that is almost NEVER used.

So how in the world do we replace a noun that is never used in the first place? The answer: It is a matter of understanding. It is a noun that is hardly ever used and almost always understood.

The pronoun “I” is a subject pronoun. That is, it replaces a subject noun. The subject of a sentence is what we are talking about. Consider the following sentence:

I am going to church this Sunday.

That sentence contains a pronoun: I.

The subject pronoun “I” usually replaces the speaker or writer of a sentence. But, in referring to myself, do I ever say something like:

“Patrick Carpen is going to church this Sunday”?

Would I say “I am having a good time” or “Patrick is having a good time”?

Obviously, the subject pronoun “I” is a pronoun that replaces a subject that is almost always understood and hardly ever used.

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