Fun With Prepositional Phrases

Last updated: May 18, 2018 at 3:59 am

fly photoA prepositional phrase is a group of words working as a team. The first word in the team is the preposition, and the last word is the object of the preposition.

Let’s make sentences with the following prepositional phrases.

  1. with chocolate milk
  2. across the river
  3. at the edge of the forest
  4. on roller skates
  5. before midnight
  6. in spite of the danger
  7. behind them
  8. to the end
  9. into Canada
  10. into the valley


  1. Thomas makes a tasty beverage with chocolate milk.
  2. Let’s swim across the river.
  3. I will meet you at the edge of the forest.
  4. I always have fun when on roller skates.
  5. We must return home before midnight.
  6. The daring lad went into the jungle in spite of the danger.
  7. Suddenly, they heard a noise behind them.
  8. I will be with you to the end.
  9. The plane flew across the sky and into Canada.
  10. He walked into the valley.

Now you try it. Make ten sentences with each of the prepositional phrases listed above.

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