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lilly photo“The simile” is a literary device which helps writers to communicate more effectively.

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The simile strikes a comparison between two things with the use of the word “like” or “as”, for example: The dress is as white as snow.

In the above sentence, the writer makes use of the common knowledge of the snow’s color to paint a clearer, brighter picture in the reader’s mind. If the writer had written “the dress is very white”, it would have left too much to the reader’s imagination, since there is an almost infinite variation of whiteness.

Of course, the writer could have written “absolutely white” and gotten across his point just as accurately. Accurately, but not as effectively or poetically. Literary devices such as the simile add both spice and rhythm to both speech and writing. Below is a list of similes I have compiled from various resources.

as red as crimson

as brave as a lion

They fight like cats and dogs.

as funny as a barrel of monkeys

as clean as a whistle

as strong as an ox

as easy as shooting fish in a barrel

as solid as the ground we stand on

as nutty as a fruitcake

He just sat there like a bump on a log

as different as night and day

as thin as a toothpick

He slept like a log.

The statement fits the situation like a glove fits a hand

He stood out of the crowd like a sore thumb.

as deep as the ocean.

as dry as a bone

as bold as brass

as bright as a button

as shiny as a new pin

as cold as ice

as common as dirt

as cool as a cucumber

as hard as nails

as hot as hell

as innocent as a lamp

as large as life

as light as a feather

as tall as a giraffe

as tough as nails

as white as a ghost

as sweet as sugar

as sure as death and taxes

as sweet as honey

as bitter as gall

as deaf as a post

as slow as a snail

as hot as the desert

as quick as a blink

as cunning as a fox

as rich as money

as smart as a scientist

as big as a ship

as warm as a ray of sunshine

as refreshing as a smile (by Patrick Carpen)

as stupid as a fool

as black as pitch

as beautiful as a rainbow

as round as the moon

as tall as a giraffe

as royal as a queen

as stately as the White House (Patrick Carpen)

as colorful as the rainbow

as wild as a beast

as sweet as sugar

as cool as ice

as wise as king Solomon

as crazy as cat

as smelly as rotten cheese

like a pack of wild animals

as proud as a peacock

as gentle as a dove

as safe as gold

as small as an ant

she hung her head like a dying flower

as vast as the ocean

as blue as the sky

as dirty as a pig

as bright as the sun

as easy as 1, 2, 3

as quick as a wink

as strong as a rhino

as unruly as a puppy

the situation was like a ticking time bomb

as good as knowledge (Patrick Carpen)

as black as coal

as caring as a mother

as graceful as a ballerina

as strong as a superhero

as smart as Einstein

as bright as the sun

as white as milk

as sweet as cherry pie

as hot as molten lava

as dangerous as a loaded gun

as calm as a river

as sharp as razor

as shiny as diamonds

as fast as cheetah

a close as family

as fast as the wind

as wide as the ocean

shining like the stars

as menacing as a storm (Patrick Carpen)

as stubborn as a mule

as smooth as silk

as beautiful as an angel

he mimics like a parrot

as slippery as an eel.

as warm as a smile

as stupid as sheep

as loud as a drill

as busy as a bee

as fast as a cheetah

as fit as a fiddle

as excited as a child with a new toy

as flat as a pancake

as cold as a killer

as infrequent as rain in the desert

like water on a duck’s back

as mean as a bear rubbed of her cubs

as clear as crystal

as sly as a fox

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