Categories of Prepositions

Last updated: July 11, 2017 at 13:35 pm

group photoPrepositions, generally speaking, can be divided into the following eight categories:

Prepositions of Time

at, in, on, for, during, since, by, until, before, after, to, past

Prepositions of Place

at, in, on, by, near, close to, next to, beside, between, behind, in front of, above, over, below, under

Prepositions of Directions or Movement

to, from, over, above, under, beneath, along, around, across, through, into, out of, toward, towards, away from, unto, off, up, down

Prepositions of Agency

by, with

Prepositions of Instrument or Device

by, with, on

Prepositions of Reason or Purpose

for, through, because, on account of, from

Prepositions of Connection

of, to, with

Prepositions of Origin

from, of

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