The Compound – Complex Sentence

Last updated: October 31, 2018 at 23:33 pm
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Like the molecules of an element, the clauses of a compound-complex sentence are tied to each other.

The compound-complex sentence is made up of 2 independent clauses plus 1 dependent clause.

Here is an example:

While we were going home, the rain was falling, and the lightning was flashing.

Dependent clause: while we were going home.

Independent clause: the rain was falling.

Independent clause: the lightning was flashing.

Note: the coordinate conjunction “and” joins two independent clauses. The subordinate conjunction “while” joins the dependent clause to the two independent clauses.

Following this pattern, let’s make ten compound-complex sentences.

  1. While we were leaving for work, the lightning was flashing, but there was no thunder.
  2. As the teacher was talking, the students were making noise, and the dogs were barking.
  3. While I was preparing the snacks, my brother was packing the car, and my sister was preparing the drinks for the picnic.
  4. Because they invited us, we went to the wedding, and my sister took and expensive gift.
  5. While they were digging the drain, the shovel broke, and the workers were confused.
  6. As the holiday season approached, my mother baked cakes, and my mind was filled with joy.
  7. When the bell ran, the students rushed out, and the teacher looked confused.
  8. When the news about the war broke, I became scared, but my stupid brother was excited.
  9. When the new president was sworn in, many people cheered, but many others were unhappy.
  10. When the football gamed was completed, the clouds became frighteningly dark and the thunder roared angrily.

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